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Poniżej znajduje się lista artykułów z wykazu czasopism naukowych MEiN w przedziale punktowym zawierającym się między 40 a 200 pkt., których autorami lub współautorami są pracownicy UEW. Lista zawiera informacje takie jak:

  • dyscyplina zadeklarowa przez autora,
  • tytuł oraz numer ISSN czasopisma,
  • przekierowanie do Bazy Wiedzy WIR.

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Publikacje w podziale na lata

1. 2021
2. 2020

Lista najwyżej punktowanych artykułów naukowych zarejestrowanych w uczelnianym Repozytorium WIR w 2020 r. - pdf

Lista najwyżej punktowanych artykułów naukowych zarejestrowanych w uczelnianym Repozytorium WIR w 2020 r. - xls


spis publikacji w czasopismach o międzynarodowym zasięgu od 100 pkt / 2020 rok

Lp Autor/Autorzy Tytuł Czasopismo Punktacja
1 Ociński Daniel, Mazur Piotr Highly Efficient Arsenic Sorbent Based on Residual from Water Deironing – Sorption Mechanisms and Column Studies Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 382, 2020, ss. 1-12 200
2 Jacukowicz-Sobala Irena, Ociński Daniel, Mazur Piotr, Kociołek-Balawejder Elżbieta Cu(II)-Fe(III) oxide doped anion exchangers - Multifunctional composites for arsenite removal from water via As(III) adsorption and oxidation Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 394, 2020, ss. 1-13 200
3 Wołoszyn Janina, Haraf Gabriela, Okruszek Andrzej [i in.] Fatty Acid Profiles and Health Lipid Indices in the Breast Muscles of Local Polish Goose Varieties Poultry Science, vol. 99, nr 2, 2020, ss. 1216-1224 140
4 Wilk Łukasz, Ciechanowska Agnieszka, Kociołek-Balawejder Elżbieta Removal of sulfides from water using a hybrid ion exchanger containing manganese(IV) oxide Separation and Purification Technology, 2020 140
5 Urbanowska Agnieszka, Kabsch-Korbutowicz Małgorzata, Wnukowski Mateusz [i in.] Treatment of Liquid By-Products of Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) of Agricultural Digestate Using Membrane Separation Energies, vol. 13, nr 1, 2020 140
6 Rudek Radosław*, Heppner Izabela Efficient Algorithms for Discrete Resource Allocation Problems under Degressively Proportional Constraints Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 149, 2020, ss. 1-17 140
7 Orkusz Agnieszka, Michalczuk Monika Research Note : Effect of Packaging Atmosphere on the Fatty Acid Profile of Intramuscular Subcutaneous Fat, and Odor of Goose Meat Poultry Science, vol. 99, nr 1, 2020, ss. 647-652 140
Michna Zbigniew, Disney Stephen, Nielsen Peter
The impact of stochastic lead times on the bullwhip effect under correlated demand and moving average forecasts Omega-International Journal of Management Science, nr 93, 2020, ss. 1-11 140
9 Laszczyńska Agnieszka, Szczygieł Irena Electrocatalytic Activity for the Hydrogen Evolution of the Electrodeposited Co–Ni–Mo, Co–Ni and Co–Mo Alloy Coatings International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020 140
10 Czakon Wojciech, Klimas Patrycja, Mariani Marcello Behavioral antecedents of coopetition: A synthesis and measurement scale Long Range Planning, 2020 140
11 Piwowar Arkadiusz Agricultural Biogas—An Important Element in the Circular and Low-Carbon Development in Poland Energies, vol. 13, nr 7, 2020, ss. 1-12 140
12 Mierziak Justyna, Wojtasik Wioletta, Kulma Anna [i in.] 3-hydroxybutyrate is active compound in flax that upregulates genes involved in DNA methylation International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21, nr 8, 2020, ss. 1-20 140
13 Jackowski Mateusz, Niedźwiecki Łukasz, Lech Magdalena [i in.] HTC of Wet Residues of the Brewing Process: Comprehensive Characterization of Produced Beer Spent Grain and Valorized Residues, w: Energies, vol. 13, nr 8, 2020, ss. 1-20 140
14 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Maśloch Piotr, Bazan Marek [i in.] Management of Delay Optimization at Intersections Energies, vol. 13, nr 12, 2020, ss. 1-22 140
15 Seruga Przemysław, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Seruga Anna [i in.] Anaerobic Digestion Performance: Separate Collected vs. Mechanical Segregated Organic Fractions of Municipal Solid Waste as Feedstock Energies, vol. 13, nr 15, 2020, ss. 1-14 140
16 Piekara Agnieszka, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Szymańska Anna Sweetening Agents and Sweeteners in Dietary Supplements for Children-Analysis of the Polish Market Nutrients, vol. 12, nr 8, 2020, ss. 1-9 140
17 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Nadolny Michał , Wojtaszek Henryk Probabilistic Quantification in the Analysis of Flood Risks in Cross-Border Areas of Poland and Germany  Energies, 13(22), 1–16, 2020 140
18 Malmi Teemu, Bedford David, Bruhl Rolf [i in.] Culture and Management Control Interdependence: An Analysis of Control Choices that Complement the Delegation of Authority in Western Cultural Regions Accounting Organizations and Society, nr 86, 2020, ss. 1-16 140
19 Piwowar-Sulej Katarzyna Human Resources Development as an Element of Sustainable HRM – with the Focus on Production Engineers Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 278, nr 1, 2021, ss. 1-14 140
20 Pińkowska Hanna, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Wolak Paweł [i in.] Sustainable Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Pectin-Free Sugar Beet Pulp in a Simple Aqueous Phase System-Optimization with Doehlert Design Energies, vol. 13, nr 21, 2020, ss. 1-15 140
21 Piekara Agnieszka, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Kaczmarczyk Monika What Do Polish Parents and Caregivers Think of Dietary Supplements for Children Aged 3–12? Nutrients, vol. 12, nr 10, 2020, ss. 1-21 140
22 Kapelko, Magdalena, Oude Lansink Dynamic Cost Inefficiency of the European Union Meat Processing Firms Journal of Agricultural Economics, 71(3), 760–777. 140
23 Maśloch Piotr, Maśloch Grzegorz, Kuźmiński Łukasz [i in.] Autonomous Energy Regions as a Proposed Choice of Selecting Selected EU Regions—Aspects of Their Creation and Management Energies, vol. 13, nr 23, 2020, ss. 1-27 140
24 Kucharczyk Barbara, Winiarski Juliusz, Szczygieł Irena [i in.] Physicochemical Properties of LaFeO3 Perovskite Prepared by Various Methods and Its Activity in the Oxidation of Hydrocarbons Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2020 140
25 Urbanowska Agnieszka, Polowczyk Izabela, Kabsch-Korbutowicz Małgorzata [i in.] Characteristics of Changes in Particle Size and Zeta Potential of the Digestate Fraction from the Municipal Waste Biogas Plant Treated with the Use of Chemical Coagulation/Precipitation Processes  Energies, vol. 13, nr 22, 2020, ss. 1-12 140
26 Wilk Łukasz, Ciechanowska Agnieszka, Kociołek-Balawejder Elżbieta Adsorptive-Oxidative Removal of Sulfides from Water by MnO2-Loaded Carboxylic Cation Exchangers Materials, vol. 13, nr 22, 2020, ss. 1-19 140
27 Wołoszyn Janina, Wereńska Monika, Goluch Zuzanna [i in.] The selected goose meat quality traits in relation to various types of heat treatment Poultry Science, vol. 99, nr 12, 2020, ss. 7214-7224 140
28 Sulich Adam, Rutkowska Małgorzata, Popławski Ł. Green Jobs, Definitional Issues, and the Employment of Young People: an analysis of three European Union Countries Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 262, 2020 100
29 Seruga Przemysław, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Paluszak Zbigniew [i in.] Pathogen Reduction Potential in Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Food Waste Molecules, vol. 25, nr 2, 2020, ss. 1-13 100
30 Pelczarska Aleksandra, Radomińska Ewa, Znamierowska Teresa Eulytite-Type Solid Solution in the LaPO4 – Ba3(PO4)2 System Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 822, 2020, ss. 1-7 100
31 Łyczko Jacek, Pawlak Aleksandra, Augustyński Iwo [i in.] Chemical profiling and cytotoxic activity of 150-year old original sample of Jerusalem Balsam Food and Chemical Toxicology, vol. 138, 2020, ss. 1-12 100
32 Kociołek-Balawejder Elżbieta, Stanisławska Ewa, Jacukowicz-Sobala Irena Deposition of Spherical and Bracelet-Like Cu2O Nanoparticles within the Matrix of Anion Exchangers via Reduction of Tetrachlorocuprate Anions Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, vol. 8, nr 3, 2020, ss. 1-33 100
33 Bocian Aleksandra, Gorczyński Adam, Marcinkowski Damian [i in.] New Benzothiazole Based Copper(II) Hydrazone Schiff Base Complexes for Selective and Environmentally Friendly Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols: The Importance of the Bimetallic Species Tuned by the Choice of the Counterion Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 302, 2020, ss. 1-9 100
34 Wilk Marta, Krzywonos Małgorzata Distillery Wastewater Decolorization by Lactobacillus Plantarum MiLAB393 Archives of Environmental Protection, vol. 46, nr 1, 2020, ss. 76-84 100
35 Stańczyk Elżbieta, Stańczyk Piotr, Szalonka Katarzyna The Impact of Personality and Competence of Leaders on Business Success European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 612-623 100
36 Radomska Joanna, Kozyra Cyprian Awareness of Strategy Execution Barriers in Decision-Making Process: Moderated Mediation Analysis Decision, vol. 47, nr 1, 2020, ss. 61-78 100
37 Poór József, Engle Allen D., Kovacs Ildiko Eva [i in.] Multinationals and the Evolving Contours of their Human Management Practices in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union Employee Relations, vol. 42, nr 3, 2020, ss. 582-608 100
38 Piwowar Arkadiusz, Dzikuć Maciej Poverty and Social Exclusion: Is this a Problem in Rural Areas in the Visegrad Group Countries? European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 45-54 100
39 Piekara Agnieszka, Krzywonos Małgorzata, Pstrowska Katarzyna Lollipop supplements- nutrient-dense foods or sweets in disguise? Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, vol. 88, 2020, ss. 1-7 100
40 Pawlak-Kruczek Halina, Urbanowska Agnieszka, Yang Weihong [i in.] Industrial process description for the Recovery of agricultural water from digestate Journal of Energy Resources Technology-Transactions of the Asme, vol. 142, nr 7, 2020, ss. 1-8 100
41 Kwiecień Ilona, Jędrzychowska Anna The Child as a Family Asset? The Modelling of the Family' Economic Loss in Case of Premature Child Death European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 98-12 100
42 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Jałowiec Tomasz, Maśloch Piotr [i in.] Analysis of Factors Influencing the Competitiveness of Manufacturing Companies European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 217-227 100
43 Kopiasz Łukasz, Dziendzikowska Katarzyna, Gajewska Małgorzata [i in.] Time-dependent indirect antioxidative effects of oat beta-glucans on peripheral blood parameters in the animal model of colon inflammation Antioxidants, vol. 9, nr 5, 2020, ss. 1-22 100
44 Dębicka Joanna, Mazurek Edyta, Szalonka Katarzyna Health Status and Lifestyle of the Mentally and Physically Disabled European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 488-499 100
45 Wróbel-Kwiatkowska Magdalena, Kostyń Kamil, Dymińska Lucyna Spectroscopic and biochemical characteristics of fax transgenic callus cultures producing PHB Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, vol. 141, nr 3, 2020, ss. 489-497 100
46 Staszkiewicz Piotr , Chomiak-Orsa Iwona, Staszkiewicz Igor Dynamics of the COVID-19 Contagion and Mortality. Country Factors, Social Media, and Market Response Evidence from a Global Panel Analysis IEEE Access, vol. 8, 2020, ss. 106009 - 106022 100
47 Raucci Domenico, Santone Antonella, Mercaldo Francesco [i in.] BPM Perspectives to Support ICSs: Exploiting the Integration of Formal Verifications into Investment Service Provision Processes Industrial Management & Data Systems, vol. 120, nr 7, 2020, ss. 1383-1400 100
48 Radomska Joanna, Wołczek Przemysław Integrative Perspective on Ambidexterity, Creativity and Networking: Literature Overview  European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 3, 2020 100
49 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Jałowiec Tomasz, Maśloch Piotr [i in.] Implementation of the Competitiveness Model in Terms of Cooperation with Suppliers European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 2, 2020, ss. 343-359 100
50 Harasym Joanna, Satta Elena, Kaim Urszula Ultrasound Treatment of Buckwheat Grains Impacts Important Functional Properties of Resulting Flour Molecules, vol. 25, nr 13, 2020 100
51 Dolińska Alicja, Jończy Romuald, Rokita-Poskart Diana Post-Secondary-School Migration of Young People to Large Regional Centres as a Factor of Depopulation and Disharmonious Regional Development in Poland European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 3, 2020, ss. 260-279 100
52 Bodakowska-Boczniewicz Joanna, Garncarek Zbigniew Immobilization of Naringinase from Aspergillus Niger on a Magnetic Polysaccharide Carrier Molecules, vol. 25, nr 12, 2020, ss. 1-25 100
53 Aparicio Juan, Kapelko Magdalena, Zofio Jose L. The Measurement of Environmental Economic Inefficiency with Pollution-Generating Technologies Resource and Energy Economics 100
54 Klimowa Blanka, Dziuba Szymon, Cierniak-Emerych Anna The Effect of Healthy Diet on Cognitive Performance Among Healthy Seniors – A Mini Review Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 14, nr 325, 2020, ss. 1-9 100
55 Moczulska Marta, Rogala Piotr Mapping Competences for the ISO 9001 Management Representative International Journal for Quality Research, vol. 14, nr 3, 2020, ss. 931-950 100
56 Kiba-Janiak Maja Comparative Analysis of Selected European Cities’s Potentials to Influence the Formulation and Implementation of Logistics Strategy European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 1, 2020, ss. 586-599 100
57 Kucharska, E., Hermanowicz, K., Solarz, P., Ptak, M., Hanuza, J., Ryba-Romanowski, W., & Drożdżewski, P. Optical studies of Pr(PAN)3, Gd(PAN)3 and Gd0.99Ln0.01(PAN)3 complexes where PAN = 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol and Ln = Eu, Sm, Tb, Nd, Yb. Polyhedron, 184, 1–10. 100
58 Molek-Winiarska, Dorota, & Molek-Kozakowska, Katarzyna Are organizations committed to stress management interventions? Employee Relations, 42(6), 1309–1325 100
59 Pelczarska Aleksandra, Radomińska Ewa, Znamierowska Teresa Eulytite-Type Solid Solution in the LaPO4 – Ba3(PO4)2 System, w: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 822, 2020, ss. 1-7 100
60 Ciupa-Litwa Aneta, Ptak Maciej, Kucharska Edyta [i in.] Vibrational Properties and DFT Calculations of Perovskite-Type Methylhydrazinium Manganese Hypophosphite Molecules, vol. 25, nr 21, 2020, ss. 1-10 100
61 Ćwiąkała-Małys Anna, Łagowski Paweł, Durbajło-Mrowiec Małgorzata* [i in.] Efficiency Evaluation of Using Resources by Hospital Units European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 4, 2020, ss. 1177-1196 100
62 Dyczkowska Joanna, Dyczkowski Tomasz Building Stakeholder Relations through Ongoing Engagement and Constructive Dialogue: Lessons from Large Biopharmaceutical Companies European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 2, 2020, ss. 733-746 100
63 Jacukowicz-Sobala Irena, Stanisławska Ewa, Baszczuk Agnieszka [i in.] Size‐Controlled Transformation of Cu2O into Zero Valent Copper within the Matrix of Anion Exchangers via Green Chemical Reduction Polymers, vol. 12, nr 11, 2020, ss. 1-22 100
64 Jagoda Agnieszka, Kołakowski Tomasz, Marcinkowski Jakub Project Teams as a Supply Chain Integration Tool European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 2, 2020, ss. 1160-1177 100
65 Kopeć Wiesław, Jamroz Dorota, Wiliczkiewicz Andrzej [i in.] Antioxidative Characteristics of Chicken Breast Meat and Blood after Diet Supplementation with Carnosine, L-histidine, and β-alanine Antioxidants, vol. 9, nr 11, 2020, ss. 1-14 100
66 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Nadolny Michał, Wojtaszek Henryk An Innovative Approach to Generational Motivation European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 1, 2020, ss. 679-692 100
67 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Nadolny Michał, Wojtaszek Henryk  Self-assessment and Preferred Characteristics of the Superior European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 1, 2020, ss. 708-719 100
68 Kuźmiński Łukasz, Wojtaszek Henryk Comperative Analysis of Air Quality in European Union Countries as a Result of Innovative Clustering  European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr 4, 2020, ss. 52-65 100
69 Maziarz Mariusz*, Mróz Robert Response to Henschen: causal pluralism in macroeconomics Journal of Economic Methodology, vol. 27, nr 2, 2020, ss. 164-178 100
70 Niemczyk Jerzy, Sus Aleksandra The Concept of Global Competencies of Corporations in the Context of a Global Mindset European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 2, 2020, ss. 30-39 100
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72 Witkowski Jarosław, Marcinkowski Jakub, Kiba-Janiak Maja A Comparative Analysis of Electronic Freight Exchanges in the United States and Europe with the Use of the Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Method “Promethee” European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 1, 2020, ss. 476-487 100
73 Zmyślona Beata, Marciniuk Agnieszka Financial Protection for the Elderly - Contracts Based on Equity Release and Critical Health Insurance European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 1, 2020, ss. 867-882 100
74 Rokita Paweł, Pietrzyk Radosław, Piontek Krzysztof An Environment Test for Risk Tolerance Assessment Verification in Lifelong Financial Planning for Households European Research Studies Journal, vol. 23, nr Special Issue 2, 2020, ss. 307-339 100
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