PROM Application form for Ph.D. student / BioR&D ACADEMIC CENTER

The project is financed by European Union funds, including the European Social Fund (EFS)

Internship Manager: dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Krzywonos, prof. UE 


Basic information

Information about internship

Choose the distance in a straight line between your place of residence and the Wroclaw University of Economics (in km):

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Will you have valid Ph.D. Student card until the end of August 2020 ?


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PDF File

1.Research proposal should include:
a)Research hypotheses–max. 2 points
b)Research goal(s)-max. 2 points
c)Research gap -max. 2 points
d)Expected findings-max. 2 points
e)Actions taken during the Internship-max. 2 points
f)Results for the Participant and UEW-max. 2 points

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PDF file

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