PROM Programme

By the decision of the Polish National Agency for The Academic Exchange Wrocław University of Economics received funding for the amount of 1 198 907,60 PLN for the PROM Programme - International scholarship exchange for Ph.D. Students and Academic Staff Member. The project was submitted and is coordinating by the Research Support Center (COBN).

The implementation of the project enable foreign Ph.D. Students or Academic Staff Member who visit Wrocław University of Economics for 30-days scientific internships (33 vacancies for Ph.D. Students and 5 vacancies for Academic Staff Member).

The scholarship covers travel expenses, health insurance, third-party insurance, accident insurance, visa fees and costs of establishing residency and cost of subsistence.

Project implementation time frame: 1 October 2019 – 31 March 2023


Recruitment - high contrast



mgr Aleksandra Bałuch
tel.: 71 36 80 350
bud. W. pok. 111

mgr Joanna Marcinkowska
tel.: 71 36 80 988
bud. W. pok. 111